Center Jump Professional Basketball /MGBA

The World's Original and First Professional Co-Ed Basketball League

Little Interest in Women Competing with Men

 From 1946 to the present, professional basketball has remained silent about mixing men and women together. Basketball in America has been on the fore front of impeding the growth of mixed gender sports. With the founding of the National Basketball League (NBL) 1936, National Basketball Association (NBA) 1946, American Basketball Association (ABA) 1968, and the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) 1988, little or no interest was evident to create gender neutral teams; wherein, teams are not defined by sex or gender. 


 As the creator and founder of Mixed Gender Basketball Association, Inc. (MGBA, Inc.)©, and Center Jump Professional Basketball, Inc. (CJPB, Inc.)©, I want to share with you my approach to professional basketball and my belief system that underlies the extant corporate goals and vision. 

CJPB, Inc. and MGBA, Inc. present the ultimate roundballer match ups which viewers of the game have ever witnessed, exciting team and player combinations: men vs. men, women vs. women, and the supreme skill challenge men vs. women and women vs. men in tough gritty competitive action.

Mixed Gender Basketball Association, Inc. (MGBA, Inc.)©

 Founded in Florida on January 25, 2013, MGBA, Inc. is a for profit corporation with the founder and creator, John Howard Jr., Ph.D. Dr. Howard had played professionally for the Harlem Globetrotters and wrote the guidelines, game design, branding statements, and operational procedures for professional co-ed basketball.Dr. Howard later added a partner to assist with marketing in the south and northeast. 


Center Jump Professional Basketball, Inc. (CJPB, Inc.)©

 Founded on December 26, 2013, the CJPB, Inc. is truly historic and innovative; it is “The World’s Original and First Professional Co-Ed Basketball League” that allows men and women, age 18 and over, to serve as teammates on mixed gender teams. The CJPB, Inc.’s primary focus is bridging the gender gap in professional sports.

By combining male and female teams, the CJPB, Inc. has set the stage for the public to see that talent and skill are not determined by gender. 

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