James Naismith

A physical educator, physician, Christian chaplain, and sports coach, he is best known as the inventor of basketball.


Legends our game who go above and beyond for the love of the game..

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NIBF Mission Statement


We are the ambassadors of the game our founder’s grandfather invented. We are here to protect its Integrity, Morale Values, and Dignity; for, who, what, where, when, and why the game was invented.

Working to help and motivate at-risk inner-city youth in reaching their full potential through education and community participation. We will educate and share with everybody about having good sportsmanship, building team comradery, and most importantly, ALWAYS HAVING- FUN! At the same time help all that need assistance with mental concerns and ill thoughts of ending it all. We are here to help the mentally challenged as well as the physically and emotionally challenged students/athletes/adults/children that love this game!

Dr. Naismith’s life was a Renaissance man’s life. His timeline is very perpendicular to ours! And the world needs to hear it!


President Perdomo

(Naismith’s Basketballlympics© Extravganza)

Basketball has always been more than just a game. It has created legendary people and a niche of all its own! For the first time since inventing basketball, we have two historical events…

Generation Z

Generation Z is far from being asleep- They are the biggest generation from the previous ones. And they are the ones that need the most all-around help! Mental Anguish is the top priority for the Naismith International basketball foundation – moving forward we will impact the community where nobody is paying attention or knowing where to look. And that is inside the mind- Being

  • STRONG IN BODY – is what they are doing for the outside
  • CLEAR IN MIND – is where we will help on the inside
  • LOFTY IN IDEALS – is when we bring it all together!