Basketball has always been more than just a game. It has created legendary people and a niche of all its own! For the first time since inventing basketball, we have two historical events.

  1. The inventors of the game – The Naismith international basketball foundation is involved in a basketball campaign.
  2. The first of its kind in an Esports event!

Basketballlympics© – an Esports / live basketball tournament – which is consistently playing with a running game clock. Winner take all tournament. Bracket style invitation only tournament-
The Naismith International Basketball Foundation is implementing this empower mental movement to educate the world why this game was truly invented. Working with the communities across the USA and eventually worldwide. We will be implementing this economical juggernaut into the communities that will want to be part of the Naismith Nation Network©! We must continue to make sure that Dr. Naismith’s vision of good sportsmanship and perseverance that is all connected to building character stay strong. Whether in real life or the ever-demanding virtual world. The BASKETBALLLYMPICS© is one of the campaigns that we can empower every community to help and bring influential intellectual structure for the youth of tomorrow-NOW!

Naismith’s ESports – Basketballlympics©- 2023 tournament brackets

  • Pee-Wee: 1 day 24 hr. cycle
  • Midgets: 3-day 72 hr. cycle
  • Freshman: 7 days 168 hr. cycle
  • Varsity: 14 days 336 hr. cycle
  • Legends: 21 days 504 hr. cycle
  • Naismith Valliant’s: 30 days 720 hr. cycle

N.I.B.F. BASKETBALLYMPICS©-Is a continuous BASKETBALL/ SPORTING event for esports and actual physical tournaments style format. The event commences on the start of the N.I.B.F. countdown whistle and does not stop until the N.I.B.F. countdown reaches zero. During the BASKETBALLLYMPICS© we will have the opportunity to make an empower mental impact for the participants in attendance. We are here to provide a much-needed resources for today’s youth. We will provide guidance beginning with mental anguish. Mr. Kyle Quilausing from the is well-known for his powerful words: “You Are One Choice Away from a Different Life”.

Basketball was meant to be an educational tool. That’s exactly what we WILL DO! Create a resource to help the Mentally challenged, Obese, Bullied, and un-appreciated individuals. We are here to give them hope, faith, and to always believe in what Dr. Naismith lived by. And that is to always be: “STRONG IN BODY- CLEAR IN MIND -AND LOFTY IN IDEALS” and you will always give yourself the courage and the will that is built from the character that’s deep within! Help us, help the struggling people of the world today by providing guidance and empathy, the main source we all need!